Club Stats Information Complete 1879-Present
Date of Event Morwell Cricket Club : Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:52AM

If you wish to explore our clubs individual player statistical history, it can now all be found for every recorded game going back to 1879!

In the home menu, go to Match Information > Statistics > then batting or bowling, then lets say batting averages.

Click on that, and then on the top left of the screen that appears, you can choose which season you wish to explore, and then which grade.

Just a quick note, as My Crickets own database itself only goes back as far as 1900 at this stage, we have had to compile the previous seasons into the below years in which the club did not feature in the late 1920s.

All games from 1878 (in the 1878/79 season a team called Morwell played, but the club was not founded in this season) to 1900, these combined records can be found in the season 1900/01.

If you have any further details of the clubs history, please feel free to contact the club!

Last updated: Saturday March 21, 2020 11:33AM
Author: Mark Smith